Preventative Care in Pikesville, MD

Do you know the secret to a lifetime of healthy teeth?

Preventative care is the key to minimizing the need for dental treatment, such as fillings, crowns, and root canals, while maintaining a healthy confident smile.  We recommend that the frequency of "recare visits" be tailored to the patient's needs...typically either at 3, 4 or 6-month intervals.  

dentist pikesville mdThese visits consist of an examination, any necessary X-rays, some type of cleaning, and oral hygiene recommendations specific to your mouth.  We may recommend new tools or techniques that will make it easier to clean your specific teeth.  This visit also gives us a chance to check your existing fillings and crowns to ensure the teeth are all healthy.  

Furthermore, we check other areas inside your mouth, such as the tongue, cheek, and gums to screen for any signs of oral cancer.  At this visit, you also have the opportunity to ask us questions about new products you may have seen or other treatment possibilities such as Zoom whitening or Invisalign.  We will also evaluate your smile and discuss the options available for you.

Please call to schedule a preventative care appointment at Naylors Court Dental: (410) 484-2722.

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