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5 Tips for Making Your Child’s First Dental Appointment a Success

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As a parent, you’ll go through plenty of milestones with your child—and that includes a first visit to the dentist. Here are some tips for making that first appointment with a Pikesville children’s dentist a success

#1—Take Your Child in Around His or Her First Birthday

Those first teeth usually start erupting right before your child’s first birthday, and that is an ideal time to get him or her started with seeing the dentist. Even though your child will eventually lose those baby teeth, they are a crucial part of development. Because baby teeth are porous, they are particularly vulnerable to decay. Early intervention is vital to keep them healthy.

If you ...

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3 Items for Your Child's Lunchbox That Are Less Likely to Cause Cavities

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In a perfect world, your child would have a toothbrush at school so he or she could brush their teeth after eating lunch. Since this isn’t realistic for most kids, it’s not a bad idea to keep oral health in mind when you are packing your child’s lunchbox. A nutritious lunch not only feeds growing bodies, but it can also help keep teeth strong and healthy.

Another essential part of keeping mouths healthy is visiting the dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings. If your children are overdue for their next appointment, there’s no time like the present to call a kid’s dentist in Owing Mills. At Naylors Court ...

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Children and Dental Anxiety

Children's Dentist Pikesville

Dental anxiety is a common issue in many people, and it often starts in childhood. It's important to instill great oral health habits young of course to keep your children healthy, but also to help develop healthy views of visiting the dental office!

Developing Great Habits

Taking the time to instill those great at-home oral health habits can make a big difference! Brush teeth with your children, and make it a fun activity to participate in! Once you start taking your kids to the dentist, we want them to feel comfortable in our office as well, and part of that will be knowing how they care of their teeth at ...

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The Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

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It's a common misconception that because baby teeth will be lost, they don't require the attention that adult teeth do. In fact, proper care for baby teeth affects more than just those teeth, and more than a child's general oral health as well. Here are some of the reasons that children's dental health is so important: 

  • Decrease the risk for tooth decay in adult teeth
  • Properly holding the space for adult teeth to come in
  • Allows proper chewing to develop
  • Helps children to speak more quickly and clearly

Your Child's Oral Health

Most dentists recommend that you begin seeing a dentist when your child is around 6 months old, which is typically the age when ...

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How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

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Taking your child to visit the dentist regularly is vital towards their overall health. Tooth decay in children is extremely common, and if your child does develop this issue, it's more likely that they will have tooth decay when their permanent teeth grow in as well. Keeping up with those dental appointments is the only way to fully prevent the condition. Even though visiting the dentist can be scary for children, if you prepare, you'll be able to help them overcome any dental fears. 

Most dentists recommend that your child starts seeing a dentist at around 1 year old, which helps to prevent any complications early on, and helps to ...

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Common Oral Health Issues in Children

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You want your child to get off to the best start possible – in every way! Regular appointments with a children’s dentist in Owings Mills are the best way to ensure that your child enjoys good health.

When you bring your child to our practice, you’re giving him or her a special opportunity. Regular appointments allow us to identify any potential problems as early as possible so that we can recommend early interventions. These early treatments are usually simple, comfortable, and non-invasive.

Common Oral Health Issues in Kids

  • Cavities – Cavities are the most common oral health issue we see at any age. While preventive treatments like fluoride and sealants reduce the ...

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