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Root Canals: Why They Are Necessary and Beneficial

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If you are experiencing the pain of a toothache, the chances are good that you might need a root canal. But before you start to panic at the mere thought of this much-feared dental treatment, you should know that a root canal is actually a good thing. When you undergo root canal treatment at our Pikesville, MD practice, chances are not only will it eliminate your toothache pain—but it will save your tooth as well.

Symptoms That Might Mean You Need a Root Canal

As mentioned, the pain of a toothache is one of the most common signs you need a root canal. Usually, this toothache pain starts mild but quickly ...

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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

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Root canal treatments are fairly common. The procedure is used to repair a badly damaged tooth that may also be infected. If cavities go untreated, it's common for the decay to progress significantly and reach the inner area of your tooth, causing an infection there. 

The procedure for root canals is more extensive than filling a cavity as well. Your dentist will first administer an anesthetic to ensure that you don't experience any pain during the treatment. An access hole is then drilled into the tooth so that your dentist can reach the inner portion of your tooth. Then, your dentist will use a series of files to remove the ...

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Fillings Vs. Root Canals

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Both dental fillings and root canals are fairly common procedures, and while they treat similar oral health problems, the two treatments are very different! Both of these procedures are used to treat different levels of tooth decay. 


Fillings are used to treat more minor cases of tooth decay. The process begins with your dentist removing the decay from your tooth completely, and cleaning the area. Then, they will fill the hole in your tooth with a hard substance that will prevent further decay from happening in that area of your tooth. Last, they will polish the filling, and make sure that it's comfortable for you to bite down on. 

This ...

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