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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Zoom Whitening

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Zoom Whitening

zoom whitening pikesville mdA Safe Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening does not cause damage to a patient's teeth.  The main ingredient in teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide, has been used safely by dentists for over 100 years.  Some patients report mild sensitivity for about 24 hours after the whitening procedure.  We will take many measures to help reduce sensitivity during teeth whitening.

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Our in-house whitening treatment can help your teeth become 8 shades whiter in under two hours, results you simply can't get from over-the-counter options. Call our Pikesville office today to book your professional whitening treatment!

teeth whitening pikesville mdIf you have yellow or brown stained teeth, you might feel embarrassed by how your smile appears in pictures or when you meet someone for the first time. Nothing can enhance and improve your image instantly the same way professional teeth whitening does. 

If you are interested in professional teeth whitening in Pikesville MD, we can provide tips and advice to allow you to keep your teeth fresh and white for as long as possible.

Your Habits May Affect Your Results

The long-term results of professional teeth whitening are dependent on many factors. An individual's habits can impact the longevity of teeth whitening. For example, coffee and tobacco use can both cause teeth to stain, thereby lessening the effects of teeth whitening. 

A good rule of thumb—if you're wondering about what might stain your newly whitened teeth—is to imagine a white shirt. Anything that could stain that white shirt will certainly stain your teeth. Tomato sauce, curries, turmeric, red wine, dark teas, and more can start to cast a dull cast on your teeth. 

Possibly the worst thing that can create yellow or brown stains is smoking or tobacco products. If you just got a professional whitening treatment, you probably want to protect your investment and keep your beautiful smile for as long as possible. Consider this an incentive to quit! Smoking also affects other areas of your oral health; for example, it often causes gum disease. 

However, regular appointments with your Pikesville dentist and the use of touch-up whitening trays can help maintain a bright, white smile.

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For more information on our professional whitening services, do not hesitate to call our Pikesville office at (410) 401-8281. We are happy to help book your professional teeth whitening appointment or answer any questions you may have!

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