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How long does a tooth bonding last?

Image of dentist inspecting a patient's teethTooth bonding is an excellent procedure for repairing a tooth that has become discolored or damaged. Made out of the same material as a tooth-colored filling, the plastic resin used will blend in seamlessly with your natural tooth color.

Are there any preventative steps?

With proper care, you can expect composite bonding to last for up to a decade. Although the composite material is strong, keep in mind that it is not as strong as your tooth enamel. To help extend the life your tooth bonding, it’s crucial that you avoid chewing on hard candy, ice cubes, and other substances that can cause cracks in the bonding material. Avoid such habits as biting your nails and chewing on pen caps as these can also weaken the bonding material.

What else should I avoid following the procedure?

Because the bonding material is subject to staining—particularly in the days following the procedure—it’s best to avoid coffee, tea, and tobacco products right after the bonding material is applied.

As always, brush and floss your teeth regularly at home, and see your dentist twice each year for checkups and cleanings to protect your oral health.

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