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How do you treat gum disease?

periodontist owings mills | gum disease treatment pikesvilleAt your initial evaluation, we will evaluate your gums and determine if you have periodontal disease.  The severity of your periodontal disease condition helps define the best treatment regimen.  Non-surgical gum disease treatment often includes scaling and root planning to remove the plaque and tartar from below the gums and the use of antibiotics.  In some cases, surgical treatment is necessary to restore the health of a patient's periodontal condition.

Periodontal disease treatment often also includes restoration of faulty fillings and replacement of missing teeth to provide a healthier oral environment.


Patient Testimonial:Patient Testimonial - Gum Disease Treatment Pikesville

This patient came to us with gum disease and unhealthy bottom teeth. We extracted and replaced these teeth while treating his gum disease, resulting in a healthy, beautiful smile. Call ... Read more

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