Complete and Partial Dentures in Pikesville, MD

Do you need an attractive and comfortable replacement for several or all of your teeth?

older couple sitting on couch together smiling I dentures pikesville MDWhen multiple teeth are missing, complete and partial dentures are an economic option to replace the spaces in your smile.  They are removable, taken out at night, and thus make it easy to clean around your natural teeth.  Prior to having any type of denture appliance made, it is important to have the remaining teeth restored to a healthy condition, as you do not want the fit of the appliance to be changed after it is made.  The color of the teeth in your denture can be custom chosen to match your natural tooth shade.  

If only 1 tooth is missing, a small partial denture called a "flipper" can be made to fill in the space.  Flippers are typically designed as a temporary option to maintain your esthetic smile prior to placement of an implant or bridge.  We not only offer traditional partials and dentures but also flexible partials (aka Valplast partials), which can offer a more esthetic look and lightweight fit.

If you are missing any or all of your teeth, please call us at Naylors Court Dental as we are happy to review the different options with you at a consultation appointment: (410) 401-8281.

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