Tooth-Colored Fillings in Pikesville, MD

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At our office, we only use white, tooth-colored composite fillings that match your existing teeth.  These fillings are bonded to your teeth providing durability while eliminating the cracks that some metal fillings cause.  No more silver when you smile!  Once they are placed, these fillings are difficult to even notice in your mouth.

Fillings can be needed for a variety of reasons - most commonly for cavities.  Yet, they can also be used to cover sensitive areas near the gumline (abrasion) or to reshape the edges of teeth that have chipped.  Filling material can also be added to the sides of teeth to close spaces between teeth (bondings).  Please see our photo gallery for several examples.  We welcome you to call us here at Naylors Court Dental with any questions: (410) 401-8281.