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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Tooth Colored Fillings & Other Restorations

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Tooth Colored Fillings & Other Restorations

teeth colored fillings pikesville

Most adults will need to get a cavity filled at least one time in their lives, so it’s understandable to want to understand your different options when it comes to your filling. When dental issues go untreated, patients tend to miss work to treat dental problems with recurrent trips to the dentist.

While cavities don’t sound like a scary issue, if left untreated, they can lead to dental pain, broken or fractured teeth, and tooth abscesses. Severe dental pain makes it hard to concentrate at work and can only your Pikesville dentist can treat it. 

Natural-Looking Fillings

Your tooth-colored filling, also known as white filling, will look natural and will blend in with the rest of your smile. At Naylors Court Dental Partners, we may recommend tooth-colored fillings for a visible portion of your smile. 

Silver-Colored Fillings

Most people know of silver-colored fillings, or dental amalgams, which are made with a mixture of different metals. Silver fillings are very durable, making them a better choice for molars that withstand a lot of chewing and biting force. 

Both types of fillings can repair cavities, but your Pikesville dentist may recommend different fillings for various reasons. 

Upon evaluation of your teeth, we will determine the type of filling that is best for your tooth. We only use composite resin fillings (white fillings) that bond into teeth, because these fillings place less stress on teeth than the silver amalgam fillings. Because they are white, these fillings will also look very natural when you smile.

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teeth colored fillings pikesville

Tooth-colored composite resin allows your dentist to protect and stabilize a compromised tooth, or beautify your smile and correct minor smile flaws. 

Protect Decaying or Damaged Teeth

Dental fillings are used to protect and stabilize a tooth that has been weakened as a result of decay. Typically, fillings are enlisted to treat cavities, but they serve other purposes as well.

Your Naylors Court Dental Partners dentist can determine if you have a cavity that requires removing decay and using a dental filling. Tooth decay that is left untreated can result in severe pain and necessitate a root canal to save your tooth.

Your dental filling can last over ten years if there are no issues. During every dental checkup and exam, Dr. Virmani will check your filling to ensure it is not loose or needs replacing. 

Dental fillings are also used to treat teeth that have been slightly chipped, broken, or fractured. Your Pikesville dentist will likely recommend a tooth-colored or white composite filling. Fractures and chips can happen through injury, a slip and fall, car accident, or any other hard contact to your teeth. Even chewing on hard surfaces like pencils, ice, or hard candy can cause damage to your teeth. 

Improve Your Smile

While people commonly associate fillings with cavities and dental work, your Pikesville dentist can also apply white-colored filling to yellow or discolored teeth. As we age, our teeth can become stained due to the foods and beverages we enjoy, or through smoking and drinking alcohol.

Through a cosmetic dental procedure known as dental bonding, you can create a beautiful, white smile. If you have yellowed and stained teeth that don’t seem to improve after teeth whitening, contact Naylors Court Dental Partners to go through your options.

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At our office, we utilize tooth-colored composite fillings to match the rest of your smile. If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, cavity, unevenly sized teeth, yellow or stained teeth, we can correct your dental issues in just one dental visit. For more information on fillings, contact our dental office today.


Simple, Painless Procedures

Dental Anxiety | Fillings Pikesville MDPatients often avoid going to the dentist because they worry their procedure will be painful or uncomfortable.  Contrary to popular belief, dental fillings are relatively simple procedures.  We work with you to make the procedure as painless as possible, and we strive to maintain the highest level of comfort possible.  After fillings, a mild sensitivity may be noted for a few weeks, but the procedure as a whole are relatively painless.

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