Complete and Partial Dentures in Pikesville, MD

Losing teeth can be emotionally and physically challenging. Once we get our permanent adult teeth in, most of us expect to keep our teeth for life. Our teeth help us eat, speak, and show our smiles to the world with confidence. 

Unfortunately, for many people, tooth loss is also a regular part of life. American adults regularly lose their teeth due to dental decay, gum disease, and facial trauma, such as car accidents and sports injuries. This tooth loss is incredibly common, with more than 178 million estimated American adults missing at least one tooth. 

Once these natural teeth are gone, it’s crucial to replace them with a high-quality artificial substitute. The type of restoration or replacement needed will depend on each situation and how many remaining teeth a patient has in their mouth. One tooth replacement option, however, is consistently popular among patients due to its affordability and customizability: dentures. 

If you’re missing some of your natural teeth, dentures may be a great option for you. At Naylors Court Dental Partners, we offer complete and partial dentures to help you replace missing teeth in Pikesville, MD. Whether you only need to replace a few teeth or are missing all of your natural smile, we can fully tailor your dentures to be the size and shape you need. 

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A Modern Take on a Traditional Tooth Replacement

Dentures have been around for a long time—since about 700 BC! Dentures became increasingly popular and began to be mass-produced several centuries ago during the 18th century. Primitive dentures were cumbersome, fragile, and not very practical for chewing food, but dental technology has come a long way since then. Even within the last several decades, we’ve seen significant progress in both the look and function of dentures. 

Dentures no longer look bulky or artificial. Modern-day dentists understand that patients want dentures that are subtle and blend in naturally with their facial structure and existing teeth, and the dentures you see today are likely very different from the dentures your parents and grandparents wore. Woman with dentures smiling in Pikesville, MD

Today’s complete and partial dentures in Pikesville, MD are a modern take on a traditional type of tooth replacement. We offer dentures that come as close to natural teeth as possible while still providing comfort and stability for the wearer. 

When you choose to work with our Pikesville dentist, we take the necessary time to get your dentures fitting well and feeling secure in your mouth. The point of dentures is to improve your quality of life, and we work hard to create beautiful and lifelike complete and partial dentures to give you back your smile. 

Replacement Options for Different Amounts of Teeth

You have several tooth replacement options in Pikesville, MD, but there are many reasons to choose dentures for your smile. 

Dentures are typically popular among our dental patients due to their:

  • Affordability
  • Low-maintenance care 
  • Removability  

Although you may think of dentures as being primarily for the elderly, we offer full and partial dentures to all adult patients who need them.

If You’re Missing Multiple Teeth

When multiple teeth are missing, complete and partial dentures are an economical option to replace the spaces in your smile. In addition to being affordable, Pikesville dentures are removable, thus making it easy to clean around your natural tooth. You should take your dentures out each night while you sleep to give your gums a chance to recover and to ensure your dentures get thoroughly clean. 

Before having any denture appliance made, it is vital to have your remaining natural teeth restored to a healthy condition, as you do not want the fit of the appliance to change after it is made. You can also custom select the color of your artificial denture teeth to match your natural tooth shade. 

If You’re Missing One Tooth

If you’re only missing one of your teeth, we can make a small partial denture called a “flipper” to fill in the gap. 

Flippers are typically designed as a temporary option to maintain your aesthetic smile before the placement of an implant or dental bridge. However, our Pikesville dentists can use denture flippers to replace a missing tooth permanently. We offer not only traditional partials and dentures, but also flexible partials (aka Valplast partials), which can provide a more natural look and lightweight fit.

If you are missing any or all of your teeth, please call Naylors Court Dental at (410) 684-0173 we are happy to review your different treatment options with you at a consultation appointment.

Caring for Your Dentures in Pikesville, MD

As with any dental restoration, it’s essential to care for your dentures if you want them to last. Whether you have complete or partial dentures in Pikesville, cleaning and caring for your dentures is simple and will only take a few minutes each day.

Close up of toothbrush with tooth paste at dentist near me Pikesville, MDYou want to take good care of your dentures so they will stay clean and free from stains. Hygiene and aesthetics should both play a key role in your motivation to keep your dentures like new. 

If you want to keep your dentures in their best possible condition, there are a few general guidelines you should follow:

Remember Your Dentures Are Breakable

Dentures are fragile, so it’s essential always to handle your dentures carefully. Whenever you’re cleaning or transporting your dentures, especially if you’re in a bathroom with tile floors, it’s best to put a towel or blanket under you in case you trip or drop your dentures. Additionally, make sure you don’t bend or twist the base of your dentures, as this can alter their shape. 

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Whether you’re missing one tooth, all your teeth, or somewhere in between, it’s still essential to keep your mouth free from bacteria and food particles. If you still have natural teeth, make sure to brush and floss daily to keep them healthy. If you don’t have any natural teeth, you should still use a soft toothbrush to clean the other areas of your mouth such as your tongue and your cheeks. 

Regularly Rinse and Brush Your Dentures

Your dentures usually stay in your mouth during your waking hours, so it’s important to keep them clean and tidy. To take care of your partial and complete dentures in Pikesville, you should rinse them with water after each meal or snack. It’s also a good idea to brush your dentures with a gentle toothbrush at least every night before going to bed.

Remove and Soak Your Dentures While You Sleep

You shouldn’t wear your dentures while you sleep, but you still need to keep them moist so they will remain pliable. Our Pikesville, MD dentist recommends soaking your full and partial dentures overnight in either water or a cup of denture solution.

If you ever have questions about caring for your dentures in Pikesville, MD, you can always contact our treatment team at Naylors Court Dental Partners. We can address concerns with your dentures such as appliances that are too loose or are irritating your gums, and we can offer tips for how to clean and take care of your dentures. 

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