Cosmetic Bonding and Recontouring in Pikesville, MD

Are you looking for a solution to damaged or poorly shaped teeth?

young woman smiling looking upward I dental bonding naylors court dental partnersTeeth that are chipped or have spaces between them can be dramatically enhanced by the cosmetic bonding of white filling material to change their shape.  Cosmetic bonding is a quick procedure yielding esthetic, natural results, which can usually be completed during a single visit.  Even teeth which overlap or appear to "stick out" can often be camouflaged through bonding and recontouring (shaping).

Some people are born with a space between their upper front teeth (called a diastema).  Through the bonding process, a "diastema closure" can be achieved, leaving them with the continuous white smile they always desired.  Similarly, some people are born with peg lateral incisors (very small side front teeth).  These teeth can also be bonded and shaped to look more like regular sized incisors, giving them a more confident smile.

We match the bonding material to your natural teeth, and thus - it may be beneficial to whiten your teeth prior to bonding. The Zoom whitening system can lighten your teeth by several shades and we can match the bonding to your new lightened color.  Please see our photo gallery for examples. Give us a call if you would like a complimentary cosmetic consultation: Naylors Court Dental (410) 401-8281.

Revitalize Your Smile

If you're interested in revamping the appearance of your smile using cosmetic bonding and recontouring, give our Pikesville, MD dental office a call today. Our staff look forward to helping you to gain a smile you can be proud of.