Crowns and Bridges in Pikesville, MD

Are you troubled by damaged or missing teeth?

Feeling confident about your smile can be difficult when your teeth are damaged or missing. Such dental conditions are typically caused by cavities which can cause pain, infection, difficulty chewing and can worsen other health problems.

When a cavity becomes too large and a tooth can no longer be restored with a filling alone, a crown becomes the ideal treatment to rebuild and support the tooth.  When a tooth has been removed and a gap is present, a bridge can be considered to fill the space.


dental crown | crowns pikesville mdWhen your tooth becomes fractured, cracked, decayed or otherwise damaged beyond repair, a crown is a great, affordable solution.  A crown fits over an individual damaged tooth and is designed to look and feel just like the other teeth in your mouth.  Typically constructed from ceramic or porcelain, crowns are highly durable.

In making a crown for a patient, we first removed any decayed area and replace it with a filling.  Then we shape the tooth and make a mold to create a customized crown to match the shape and color of your natural teeth.  At your next visit, we will cement the crown into place.

Crowns support teeth to prevent breakage while also improving their appearance.  You can care for a crown just like you do for the other teeth in your mouth: brush and floss regularly as directed by our office.  We can inspect your crown during biannual cleanings and check-ups to ensure it stays exceptionally clean  and is in good shape.


A bridge is constructed of several crowns linked together to replace a missing tooth.  The end crowns are cemented over the teeth next to the space, allowing us to fill in the gap created by the missing teeth.

Like a crown, a bridge is constructed of porcelain or ceramic, ensuring strength, durability and visual harmony with other teeth.  Caring for your bridge is as simple as good oral hygiene practices at home and regular cleanings and check-ups with our office.

The Importance of Tooth Replacement

If you've been delaying restoration of damaged or missing teeth because you aren't convinced treatment is entirely necessary, we want to encourage you to take action as soon as possible.

A fracture or crack in a tooth can worsen over time and eventually cause a tooth to be unrepairable.  Missing teeth can affect the health and stability of the other teeth in your mouth, leading to further tooth loss over time.  Once a tooth is removed, the nearby teeth can shift into the open space causing your bite to change, increase gum problems, and increase the chance of jaw problems or TMD (temporomandibular joint disease).

If teeth are damaged with cavities, they can often crack spontaneously...leading to unnecessary and sometimes unbearable pain.  Besides affecting your quality of life, these conditions can jeopardize your nutrition by making it difficult to eat crunchy or chewy foods.

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

Besides ending the pain and aesthetic unease associated with damaged teeth, crowns and bridges will prevent more critical dental health issues down the line.

They can also provide additional benefits, including normal eating, pain-free living, cosmetic improvement and prevention of cavities and gum disease.

Interested In Crowns or Bridges?

At Naylors Court Dental Partners, we have successfully treated countless patients suffering from broken and missing teeth by placing crowns and bridges.  Please see our photo gallery for several examples.  Please call our office today to schedule an appointment with Drs. Jennifer and Moe Virmani: (410) 484-2722.