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How You Can Afford Dental Implants

May 19, 2022
Posted By: Naylors Court Dental Partners
Dental Implants Cost and Financing in Pikesville, MD

In a world of remarkable technological advances, dental implants have a special place. In less than a decade, they've become the benchmark for tooth replacement in Pikesville, MD. Unlike conventional dentures or removable bridges, dental implants are secured in your jawbone to function like natural teeth, stimulate bone regeneration, and have the potential for a long and stable life in your mouth.

But all these benefits do come at an initial cost, and if you’re in a situation where you need a dental implant, then you don’t want to wait. Luckily, the Naylors Court Dental Partners team can help advise you on how to pay for your recommended therapy, even offering an in-house payment plan to help you finance your dental implant treatment.

Dental Implant Financing Options

When you’ve decided to pursue dental implants in Pikesville, MD, you can plan to help cover costs. Here are some of the ways:

  • Dental Insurance – while most dental plans don’t cover dental implants, you may be able to add some premium features to your insurance, which may pay for a portion of your treatment.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) – many employers offer this option where you set a portion of your monthly payment to be set aside and used for any medical expenses.
  • CareCredit - A healthcare credit plan, CareCredit offers financing with interest-free options if you pay off your balance within a specific time period.

Smile Club – Our In-House Dental Implant Financing Plan

Another way you can help with costs is to enroll in our Smile Club, a membership plan we offer to patients without access to dental insurance. This can help you with both routine care and dental implants with multiple benefits. An individual membership fee is $225 for a year, payable at the onset of your membership. In addition, you may add family members for $200 each, even on the same day you seek treatment for them.

Dental Implants Cost and Financing in Pikesville, MD

If you’re interested in dental implants but have been intimidated by the potential costs, or if you'd like to learn more about financing for dental implants, we want to help with your awareness of payment options. To learn more, don’t hesitate to call us and set up an appointment to start your journey toward better tooth replacement.

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