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Fillings Vs. Root Canals

October 18, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Mohit Virmani
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Both dental fillings and root canals are fairly common procedures, and while they treat similar oral health problems, the two treatments are very different! Both of these procedures are used to treat different levels of tooth decay. 


Fillings are used to treat more minor cases of tooth decay. The process begins with your dentist removing the decay from your tooth completely, and cleaning the area. Then, they will fill the hole in your tooth with a hard substance that will prevent further decay from happening in that area of your tooth. Last, they will polish the filling, and make sure that it's comfortable for you to bite down on. 

This process is usually very simple and fairly fast. Moreover, it's affordable. This is one of the biggest reasons why dentists insist that you visit the office at least twice a year for exams and cleanings- it allows them to fill cavities before they become more serious. 

Root Canals

Root canals are needed when tooth decay becomes severe, if it's not treated quickly. The inner area of your tooth contains your nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and is called the pulp. When this part of the tooth becomes agitated or inflamed, a root canal is often needed. This can occur from an injury, repeated trauma to the area, or most commonly, severe tooth decay. 

The process begins typically with some anesthesia applied to the affected area to ensure that you don't have any discomfort during the procedure. Then, your dentist will begin by drilling a hole through the top of your tooth in order to access the inside area. The pulp will be completely removed during this procedure using different sizes of small dental files. Then, the inside of the tooth will be completely cleaned to ensure that no further decay or damage can occur. Finally, your dentist will fill the tooth, and then take impressions of your teeth for a crown to be made. Once the crown has been placed, you can use the tooth normally!

Root Canals in Owings Mills

If you have any questions about fillings or root canals, or if you think you may need a root canal treatment, contact our office today for more information. We are always happy to answer any questions, and we can schedule an appointment to get started right away!

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