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What's Been Holding You Back from Seeing the Dentist?

October 24, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Jennifer Virmani
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According to a study by Delta Dental, many Americans want to see more of their dentist. Are you one of them? This begs another question: What is holding you back from visiting your dentist?

Some people may have had a bad experience with the dentist in the past. Others might be afraid of getting bad news about needed dental work. Whatever the reason, you are not alone in avoiding your Owings Mills dentist.

There are a lot of reasons people avoid seeing the dentist, but there is one reason you shouldn’t avoid it: It’s dangerous to skip dentist appointments. Maintaining good oral health is an important part of maintaining good overall health. Visiting the dentist regularly means problems can be spotted—and fixed—while they are still small issues. A cavity that doesn’t get diagnosed and filled will almost certainly lead to a toothache and possibly a root canal or even extraction.

Reasons People Do Not Visit the Dentist as Often as They Should

  1. Fear of the dentist. Whether you had a traumatic experience as a child or if you just don’t like to have someone poking around your mouth, anxiety over the dentist is real—and quite common. Communication about your fears is key in overcoming them.
  2. Cost of treatment. Many people don’t have dental insurance, so they worry about the high cost of any procedures they might need. But by going to the dentist regularly, you are more likely to avoid needing costly treatment.
  3. Embarrassment. People who haven’t been to the dentist in a while are particularly worried about being lectured over their neglect of their oral health. Most dentists—Naylors Court Dental Partners included—are just happy to have you in the chair. There is no point in discussing the past; they will focus on the future. Patients should not worry about being judged!

Whatever your reasons for avoiding dental visits in the past are best left in the past. Your Owings Mills dentist simply wants to help set you on the course for good dental health in the future. 

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