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Quality of Life and Periodontal Disease

March 21, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Jennifer Virmani
Periodontal Disease in Pikesville MD

If you are a news-savvy person, you have probably heard all about the connection between periodontal disease and other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and low birth weight in babies. This makes it even more essential to maintain the health of your gums to avoid serious health complications in the future.

What many patients express to us at their dental cleaning appointments is that gum disease actually negatively impacts their day-to-day lives.

Pain and Sensitivity

Gum disease, even in the early stages called gingivitis, can make brushing, flossing, and eating feel uncomfortable. Inflamed and bleeding gums usually feel tender and sore. As gum disease progresses, this discomfort worsens. As a result, patients may avoid brushing and flossing, which can further perpetuate the problem.

Once tartar collects on your teeth and your gumline, it hardens and no amount of brushing and flossing will remove it. Our hygienists are thorough, yet extremely gentle. They remove tartar using precision instruments so that your healing can begin.

If you maintain your home care and dental cleanings, your gums should heal and feel comfortable.

Bad Breath

Most of us have a fear of bad breath odors. That is why so many packs of gum and mints line the check-out areas at the grocery store. Unfortunately, gum and mints only mask the odor and do not address the actual problem.

Bad breath occurs because of bacteria. The only way to eliminate it is to eliminate tartar and the infection in your gums. With specialized dental cleanings, good home care, and a commitment to your oral health, you can enjoy fresh breath and confidence when you’re talking to colleagues or leaning in for a kiss from your sweetheart.

If you notice tender gums or blood in the sink when you brush your teeth, it’s past time for a dental cleaning. If you are searching for a dentist in the Pikesville, MD area who will help you get back on track, call us for a dental appointment today!

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