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Recognizing and Preventing Tooth Decay

March 17, 2022
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Tooth decay—commonly called a dental cavity—means you have an area of decay on your tooth. Usual culprits of tooth decay include poor oral hygiene or missed spots when brushing and flossing.

Your Pikesville dentist can help you prevent tooth decay by offering time-tested advice, including:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice daily
  • Flossing between your teeth at least once daily
  • Two regular checkups and teeth cleanings per year
  • A healthy diet, low in sugar and acidic foods and drinks

Signs of Cavities & Tooth Decay

Unfortunately, tooth decay is not always obvious, especially in the earliest stages. In addition, a dental cavity can be between or behind teeth, making it difficult to spot.

However, if you notice a small stain on your tooth or tooth sensitivity, these may be signs of decay. In some cases, as a cavity advances, you may also experience tooth pain.

Fortunately, twice-yearly checkups allow your dentist to spot a cavity at the earliest stage before it threatens your tooth’s stability.

Prevention Means Excellent Oral Hygiene and Routine Dental Checkups

For your part in prevention, it’s crucial to adopt and implement an excellent oral care routine that includes daily brushing and flossing. You should also limit your sugar intake and choose water over fruit juice for hydration.

Preventive dental visits include a professional teeth cleaning that rids your teeth of cavity-causing bacteria and plaque. In addition, your hygienist can clear what your toothbrush and floss miss or can’t reach.

If tooth decay is a common problem for you, our dentist can recommend a dental sealant to help protect your teeth from cavity-causing ingredients.

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