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Lower Your Risks for Oral Health Conditions

May 30, 2020
Posted By: Naylors Court Dental Partners
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If you’ve had extractions due to decay or a gentle root canal, chances are you’d prefer a clean bill of health going forward. The keys are preventive dentistry in Pikesville, MD and excellent oral care habits at home.

Certain oral health conditions can make it challenging to maintain your teeth for life. Some conditions, like gum disease, when left untreated, lead to tooth loss and may even cause systemic health issues involving the heart, kidneys, and more.

Fortunately, some of the most severe oral health conditions are treatable—conditions like oral cancer, periodontal disease, tooth decay, and root infections.

Lowering Your Oral Health Risks

The best ways to lower your risks, include:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth daily
  • Visiting your dentist twice each year for dental exams and teeth cleanings
  • Contacting your dental office if you notice oral health changes like tooth sensitivity or sores in your mouth
  • Quitting smoking

When you brush and floss daily, you remove the plaque and bacteria that lead to decay, dental infections, and periodontal disease. Dental cleanings help clear the more stubborn buildup that brushing and flossing leave behind.

Dental exams allow your dentist in Pikesville, MD to spot periodontal disease in the earliest stage—gingivitis—when it is still reversible, as opposed to only treatable. Dental exams also mean your dentist can find oral health changes and oral cancers early, when they may be more treatable. Dental exams include x-rays, as needed.

Quitting smoking lowers your risks for oral cancer, other cancers, and periodontal disease as well.

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