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Sure Signs That You're Having a Dental Emergency

September 28, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jennifer Virmani
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Often when something goes wrong with your oral health, you are uncertain whether or not it warrants an urgent visit to the dentist. It seems that whether you’ve lost a filling or damaged a tooth, these things happen after hours during the week or on the weekend. Should you or shouldn’t you call?

The team at Naylors Court Dental Partners, your emergency dentist in Pikesville, urges you to give our office a call if you are uncertain. We also recommend that you consider the following guidelines.

Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

  • You have suffered severe damage to a tooth. Whether you were in a car accident or had an impact while playing sports, teeth can become broken or fractured. While a small chip or crack can probably wait until regular office hours, larger breaks warrant immediate attention.
  • You are experiencing an excruciating toothache. If your toothache is bad enough that you can barely function, it’s time to get into the dentist. You may have an infection or an abscess, and this will not go away on its own; in fact, the pain will probably get worse. Treating this is essential to avoid the spread of infection to other parts of your body.
  • You have had a tooth knocked out. Whether from trauma or some other event, losing a tooth as an adult means you must get immediate attention. The sooner you can get treatment, the better the chances of keeping that tooth viable.
  • You are bleeding from the mouth. Oral bleeding is never normal, and this can indicate a serious condition—especially if you have been in an accident or had some other type of trauma. Call immediately to seek treatment.

Call Naylors Court Dental Partners

If you find yourself in a dental emergency—or if you are unsure whether you are or not—call us immediately. Even if you are not a regular patient, our dentist will be happy to see you in an emergency at our Pikesville dental practice. We can offer palliative care and make a follow-up appointment as needed. Give us a call today!

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