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Tempted to Try DIY Braces? Consider These Facts First

December 27, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Jennifer Virmani
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You may have heard recent news stories about the disturbing trend that is sweeping the country: do-it-yourself orthodontics. With online videos showing them how, kids and young people, in particular, are using household items, such as bobby pins, earring backs, aluminum foil, and paper clips, to fashion “braces.”

If you are a parent, chances are you cringe at the thought kids trying to make adjustments to their teeth on their own—particularly when there are such good options available in Pikeville, such as clear braces. The consequences are so serious, in fact, that the American Association of Orthodontists has issued a warning about these braces after the number of young people trying them has been rising.

Some of the Problems that Are Occurring with Do-It-Yourself Braces

Many young people are using products such as rubber bands or elastic strings, which might seem relatively harmless. But these can become lodged in the gums and even cut off the blood supply to the tooth. If they have moved so far up the tooth that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, they often cannot be seen with an x-ray either, meaning problems might be diagnosed later rather than sooner.

Some companies are now advertising plastic mold kits that are to be used as DIY braces. These low-quality items can cause irreversible damage to teeth.

What Dentists Are Saying About Do-It-Yourself Braces

Any dental professional will tell you that shifting the position of teeth is a medical procedure that needs close monitoring. Using objects other than professional orthodontics in an attempt to move teeth is a recipe for disaster that can permanently damage teeth.

Don’t let your child risk his or her oral health. Take them to a dental professional who has undergone the proper training to give them a smile they’ll love. There are different options available in Pikeville, such as clear braces, that will safely straighten teeth. Call our office today for a consultation!

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