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Why did I need a dental crown after my root canal?

A root canal treatment means your tooth is infected, severely decayed, or damaged, which leaves it vulnerable to fracture—sometimes even with treatment. A tooth crown helps protect the tooth by creating a barrier zone between your bite and the weak tooth.

First, your dentist assesses the tooth and makes the diagnosis. If you need a root canal, your dentist creates a tiny hole and removes the infected or damaged tissues. We close with a transient seal, which promotes healing. At your next appointment, we provide a dental filling if the root infection was minor and your tooth is stable. If the tooth is weak, your dentist in Pikesville will recommend a tooth crown to restore function.

The tooth crown allows you to smile and laugh, enjoy your meals, and not worry about the weak tooth. The crown, after all, creates a safety zone between the weak tooth and your bite force.

And you do not have to do anything special to maintain this crown. You treat it just like a toothbrush, floss, and visit your dentist on schedule.

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Don’t let a toothache or tooth sensitivity ruin your day. A gentle root canal treatment may be all you need.

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